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Sending Emails on certain days of the week only

Question asked by 6357f3a04364832072311e2aee6a693fc2975a99 on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by 6357f3a04364832072311e2aee6a693fc2975a99
So I was thinking this must be the easiest thing to do in Marketo........but not at all!!

All I want to do is schedule emails to go out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for new leads who enter our system. I was hoping the Wait function would allow you to add a choice and say when not to send, but this isnt the case! 

Anyone have any ideas how you might get around this issue? 

**note leads are created, the first of 5 mails is to be sent on the closest Mon, Wed or Fri, then after that the 4 remaining mails will be sent on either the following Monday, Wed or Friday.....