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    Data Updates with associateLead


           We are integrating marketo more into our product and I had a small doubt.

           1. How can I see the annonymous leads created by the existing integration we have? We are working towards converting them into known leads - how do I see their change summary/state etc.

           2. If a new user signs up, we create a lead into marketo with some data. If he signs into our application and we make an associateLead call with some information such as email,first name and last name - Would the earlier data be wiped off or just the 3 fields will be updated.

           If my understanding is correct - Marketo will not create duplicate leads with the same email.


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          Jep Castelein
          I don't understand question #1

          Question #2: it will update the existing record. It will overwrite the fields for which you provide a new value and leave the other fields untouched. I would recommend using SOAP UI or a similar program to test this yourself to make sure you get exactly the desired behavior.