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Customer rating your emails

Question asked by 6357f3a04364832072311e2aee6a693fc2975a99 on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by 8442
I'm a Marketo newbie......and loving it, especially the community!

What I am wondering and havent found in Marketo is a method of having the customer who receives my email, rate the email. I've seen some email campaigns use something similar.

Some methods you may have seen whereby contained within the email is a option to rate the email eg "Did you find this helpful?" maybe with the use of 5 stars (5 being awesome, 1 star sucks) or even one of my favorite I have seen which was, click the smily face which represents best how you feel about this email.

Maybe this is possible through Marketo.....or maybe its something for the next version!

Anyone any feedback would be greatly appriciated.