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    Customer rating your emails

    Barry O'Dwyer
      I'm a Marketo newbie......and loving it, especially the community!

      What I am wondering and havent found in Marketo is a method of having the customer who receives my email, rate the email. I've seen some email campaigns use something similar.

      Some methods you may have seen whereby contained within the email is a option to rate the email eg "Did you find this helpful?" maybe with the use of 5 stars (5 being awesome, 1 star sucks) or even one of my favorite I have seen which was, click the smily face which represents best how you feel about this email.

      Maybe this is possible through Marketo.....or maybe its something for the next version!

      Anyone any feedback would be greatly appriciated.

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          I'm not aware of such a feature in Marketo and would suggest you add it as a new Idea.
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            Lead scoring can do this, but it would be done by behaviour, which is always the best way to determine whether a lead is at MQL or SQL and therefore must like your content / offering.

            Yuck - unsubscribe, score accordingly

            Meh - open, score accordingly

            Good - open & clicked, score accordingly

            Awesome - open, clicked & filled in form, score accordingly

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              A direct vote from the email is a risky option. I do not recall finding that in most systems I am aware of.

              Linking to a landing page would be far safer and straightforward. You can pass email address and other details as URL parameters and then capture those values to form fields. Users will just need to cast their vote.
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                Michelle Tiziani
                Hey @breno, are you suggesting inserting a widget in the landing page?  Or creating a simple 1 question form that has multiple choice options as listed above?  
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                  Barry O'Dwyer
                  Hey Michelle, guess you have directed that at me. I'm thinking more along the lines of a widget built into the HTML of the email sent out. Containing something like "Was this email helpful?".  

                  Creating a landing page where users would have to go to is another step further away from where the user wants to be. We're not using it to score behaviours of lead or to score them. More along the lines of A/B testing the content of our mailing to our existing customer base, with the intention of improving their user experience. Our open rates are excellent, it’s the clicked link which is not so good.

                  Thanks for the feedback folks!

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                    A simple one question form plus hidden fields to store email address and other optional URL paarmeters such as email and/or campaign name.

                    The simple alternative is setting the icons as pictures. They would be actually image links with URL parameters, containing the email address and voting option.

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                      Barry, please keep in mind most email clients do not support JavaScript and those supporting JavaScript usually have it disabled for security reasons, namely Mozilla Thunderbird.

                      You can define links with parameters for each icon, tracking as clicked link.
                      The end result is similar to the suggested landing page although you can not go much further than the "clicked link" event in emails.