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    Filtering or Triggering off of SFDC Opportunity fields - does it really work?

      I am slowly working through our Marketo implementation with our SFDC instance and I'm trying to set up our objects in SFDC so that we won't have any trouble having triggered marketing campaigns based on information gathered through the lead, opprotunity and customer stages.

      As I was working on our custom opporutnity fields in SFDC (making sure we had all of that stuff set up correctly), I popped over to the Marketo resources and reviewed the Opportunity filters and triggers documentation found here: http://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000KytECAS, I read the following NOTE and now I'm confused:

      So if I understand this note, the filter/trigger options don't really work? At least not how I would expect them to work, or how they work on anything else?

      I just need to make sure I understand this correctly before I get too deep into how we're refining our Opportunity object's fields in SFDC.

      Thanks for your help!