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    Definitions for Invalid Email Causes


      I am hoping to find a list that shows all the defintions for invalid email causes such as 5.1.1, smtp 550 and a defintion that would make sense to sales.

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          There's an article that lists the general error codes:


          There are also a ton of articles on the public interent if you search for SMTP Email Error Codes

          The 5.1.1./550 is a general purpose email invalid code letting you know that the receipients email box is not avaiallbe.  It could be that it never existed, or it could be that the person left the company and the box has been closed.

          You need to develop a process to clean these up, because repeated mailings to an unavialble mailbox could get you blacklisted.

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            Thanks Steve!  That list is exaclty what I was looking for.  I searched and found mnay articles on invalid emails, but not like your list.  Excellent!
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              Thanks Steve - it would be nice for that article to have a companion piece that suggests ways of handling them. Perhaps even some canned programs we can import.