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Tracking Clicks Link on Landing Pge

Question asked by 0383e9222014b68000875b8a74c0d3794150ff37 on Feb 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by 0383e9222014b68000875b8a74c0d3794150ff37

I have put a link to an event registration page on one of our landing pages. So the reader will follow these steps:

1) Receive email from us - describing event.
2) Click link in email to be taken to a marketo landing page - which contains a competition (form) and a link to register for the event.

We want to be able to track who has registered. So I set up a smart campaign with the filters 'Clicks link - contains: then pasted the entire URL (minus the http://) and 'visited web page - name of marketo landing page which hosts the link to register.'
The registration link is on the event's website so is not a marketo page. Is this why I can't select it in the smart campaign?

The link wasn't on the list so wasn't an option for me to select -  I had to paste the link into it. I just tested it and looked to see if my status in progression had changed to 'registered' but it hasn't - so the campaign hasn't worked.

Is there a way around this?