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    Form ID Number

      Can someone please guide me to where I can find form ID numbers?  I need the ID number for a specific form I created but can't seem to find where I find the number information.

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          Hi Sandra,
          For any asset within Marketo, you can find the ID in the URL. The end fo the URL when selecting a form should look something like #FO123B22. The form ID is everything after the "FO" and everything before the next letter in the URL. In this case, the form ID would be 123.

          You can use the same logic for Landing Pages, Emails, Smart Campaigns, etc...

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            Is there any way to find in Marketo the form based on form ID?

            I have the form ID but can't located the form in Marketo side (by search the form ID).

            Hot to do it other way around?