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    Marketo Form Issue

      We are redesigning our website to be a new responsive design and came across an issue with Marketo forms. At the moment all forms are embed to our site using iFrames which seem to have limited control when styling. Our web developer suggested copying and pasting the <form tag HTML instead of embedding it through an iFrame. 
      One concern is that there are a lot of other .JS files included in the Marketo form page, which won’t be included if we just use the form HTML. Is there any recommended options to embed a Marketo form to our site without using iFrames and still be able to style as needed and track everything as it supposed to?
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          Ilan Perez
          Are you using a CMS to build your site? If yes which one. If you are using wordpress i have an entirely different answer for you. Let me know.

          Secondly, there are a number of ways to interact with Marketo.

          Your developer suggestion is valid to a point. If you copy the form code into your site it will talk to marketo. The issue that we had when we had your problem was that if you add / remove fields you need to copy and paste the form code in every time.

          If you make styling adjustments inline you need to make them every time to.

          Next: You cannot really change the structure / classes / ids as Marketo needs them for form validation.
          Lastly: I could never get the form validation to work

          So my recommendation at this point is to build the forms yourself and have them talk to marketo through the web API.

          Might be more dificult up front but once your developer has worked out how to connect and pass information once it should be smooth sailing moving forward.

          Hope that helps

          Ilan Perez
          Technical integrator
          Pyramid Analytics
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            I agree with Ilan, going the API route is more sustainable in the long run.

            The simplest and quickest solution would be the Munchkin JavaScript API Call aasociateLead.
                 The other option, more complete and robust would be SOAP API's syncLead.

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              Hi Ilan,

              Thanks for the suggestion. Just to clarify, we are currently building this out on a stand alone HTML page and next month we'll be rolling it out in Wordpress and will need to use a CSS style sheet for that, so we actually need a solution for both. 

              What's your recommendation for that?

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                Ilan Perez

                Its actually so funny. I have literally gone through this exact same process and have ended up with what i think is a great solution.

                For your stand alone setup i would do the copy and paste thing from marketo forms. Especially if this is only going to be for a few more weeks.

                For wordpress on the otherhand
                There are two plugins you can get. One plugin you will need to pay for and one that is free.
                This will allow you to have the form locally and push out submissions to wordpress.

                Paid Plugin
                1. Gravity Forms
                2. Marketo Addon for Gravity Forms

                Other form tools for wordpress. Although i think there might be better form tools on the market, cheaper or better, none will come with the marketo connector out of the box.

                The form builder is flexible enough in my opinion and they have support.

                we are using it here simply


                I hope this helps.


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                  Hi Ilan,

                  Thanks for the reply.  We're still trying to find a way that the forms will pre-fill if we have the lead's information. Have you seen any decrease in conversions or a problem with duplicates using this method?

                  And unfortunately Marketo support informed me that there's no work around for the pre-filled forms in iFrame right now.

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                    Ilan Perez

                    I don believe that works in my setup.

                    Also not that progressive pofiling also wont work.

                    I know the copy pse method allows for prfilled, but i don think any solution othr than ifame ill allo for progressive pofiling