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    Seeking Marketo freelancer

      We are looking for a Marketo freelancer who can help us get up speed with Marketo. That means creating assets and landing pages, setting up campaigns, help with processes and data management.

      We are German-based, remote work is possible.

      Any recommendations are welcome - thanks in advance!
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               Hi Alexandra,

               I'm a freelance Marketo consultant and would be happy to discuss more details. I am located in Boulder, CO, but work remotely with teams from around the world (including Europe). Here's my email address: grant.grigorian@gmail.com.



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            Hi Alexandra,

            ich bin Nils und gebuertiger Berliner, derzeit in Vancouver ansaessig, ab Mitte diesen Jahres aber auch wieder in Deutschland.
            Ich bin Makreto zertifiziert und habe Erfahrung in der Betreuung unterschiedlichster Kunden. Schreib mir doch einfach bei Gelegenheit mehr per Mail: n.rossmeisl@gmx.net

            Beste Gruesse,
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              Josh Hill
              I am also available and in NY area. I've worked with teams in Europe as well.

              Send me a note and we can setup a call to review your needs.

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                Alok Ramsisaria
                Hi Alexandra,

                At Grazitti  we have helped number of customers and partners with Marketo and Salesforce consulting. We are based in India so we can help you with all aspects of Marketo at great offshore rates and quick turnarounds:
                1.       Campaign Design
                2.       Asset Creation
                3.       Campaign Execution and Reporting
                4.      Custom Integration
                You can see some of our testimonials on our linked in account here and can send me a note on alok@grazitti.com