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    Lead Reports -Created At and Lead Created Discrepancy Need Report Help

      The report tab shows the leads and status based on the lead created date.
      However the smart list shows the leads based on the created at date.
      What I want is to show all leads, regardless of when they came in, that entered a specifiic status (ex suspect) in a given month.
      We want to compare month to month.
      Ultimately what I'd like to do is set up a subscription of the report (and additional fields) to be sent to my management team.
      I can see all the fields in a custom view in the smart list, but I cannot
      1.  Choose other fields to include in the report
      2. Choose to Created At vs. Lead Created on the report tab
      3.  Set any custom or other fields in the setup tab.

      Any advice on how to proceed would be reatly appreciated.