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    Auto-redirect Tracking?

      I'm trying to set up an auto-redirect to a PDF document, so that a link can be used in salespeoples' signatures. My goal was that the page that is auto-redirecting to a PDF would show up in the Activity Log, and I'd be able to trigger/filter off of that.

      However, this does not seem to be the case. Nothing is showing up in the activity log under having viewed that page. 

      Has anyone done this successfully? Do I need to put a delay on the redirect? I'm hoping to not have to do this as I don't really want people to notice that they're being redirected.

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          Hi Marcus-

          I just had something similar happen where I used a landing page that redirected to a PDF.  After a lot of frustration trying different things, I did end up having to put a delay into the redirect - 2 seconds did the trick as far as tracking.  I just had to make my redirect page look pleasant enough to last those few seconds.

          Good luck!

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            Jessica, can you describe how you achieved the 2 second delay in redirecting? 

            Much appreciated.
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              Sure thing Hermann-

              Within the landing page template (which was unique to this campaign), I just inserted code at the top of the page for a "refresh" to the desired page, including the specific time before the refresh happened, so the code looked something like this:

              <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;URL=http://info.final.webpage">

              I hope that helps!
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                Thank you Jessica, it worked wonderfully.