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    Web-to-lead form vs Marketo forms for lead source

      Once we started using Marketo for forms we were setting lead source as hidden information on advertising landing pages. This process made sense because we only use these forms for Paid Search and mark these leads with a lead source of Paid Search.

      On our website we have people coming from all sources. How do we set this up to dynamically populate? Someone on my team thinks web-to-lead forms used to provide this and we have now lost this ability with Marketo. 

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          Hi Alyssa 

          I think you will need a trigger campaign that uses fills out form trigger, and you can add some constraints as well, and then in the flow section make data values change to the Leads_source field according to conditions by adding appropriate choice according to the value of the hidden field.
          Then as long as you have form fill out for your sources you should be file unless you are not using a form for some of sources, and that the point that you will need to put another trigger campaign setup to look for those leads that are coming from those sources by using that same information that you are capturing about their source