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Cannot unschedule, edit, or delete an unapproved Email Program A/B Test

Question asked by 31412 on Feb 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by 31412

Couldn't find discussions or community articles about this issue -- hopefully someone else has run into the same problem!

We are using Marketo's new Email Program function to send some A/B tests. The process "going forward" (choosing audience, setting up "Whole Email" A/B test, scheduling, approving program) went smoothly. It is the process of "going backward" (canceling A/B test, unscheduling, updating A/B test) that is causing trouble.

I am able to unapprove a test, but I am not able to cancel the schedule or even "Remove A/B Test" ( I only see "Edit Notifications" and "View A/B Test" in the Email quarter:


Note: I have removed all audience filters to prevent anyone from receiving the test. I am also an Admin on our account. 

We have also experienced several other issues with the Email Program:
  •           Being unable to rename the Email Program
  •           Being unable to reference A/B test emails in other Smart Campaigns (e.g., in a preflight campaign)
  •           Being unable to "unschedule" an Email Program A/B test
  •           Being unable to update the A/B test
  •           Being unable to unapprove the A/B test emails (since we cannot remove the A/B test)
Is anyone else encountering these issues?