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    How Often to Segments Refresh

      I am creating a complex engagement program and rather than entering a ton of logic in the transition rules, i set it up to refereance my segment "Lead Status" 

      How often do segments update? Does the "Segment Changes" Trigger work well?

      Thank you,

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          As far as I can tell, segments update whenever there is a relevant value change.  The "Segment Changes" trigger does work, but out of curiosity, why are you using segments rather than smart lists?
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            Hey Deandra, 


            I wanted to use segments, because you can trigger of a segment change, and my segments are made up of a smart lists (but i dont think you can trigger by joins smart list) They also give you a good view of where your leads are - People can be in many smart lists, but only one segment of a segmenation. 

            Also i can say if in Lead Status segment "known" AND Segment PST send at 8am pst or something, and Known and EST send at 5am pst. 

            But overall i am just a little nervous to use the engagement engine was didn't like createing too much trigger logic advanced logic in the
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              Ah, that makes sense.  Yes, the more complicated the logic, the more room for error...  Are you using Smart Campaigns to move leads between different streams?  Would definitely be interested to hear how this works out for you.
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                Yes! so i used a smart campaign initially to move my "known" leads in to the campaign, so now i can monitor the what happens with unsubscribes, or leads that are converting for a week or so to make sure it is working. 

                After that continues to work, I will move the rest of my leads into it, and create a trigger that moves all created leads into it!

                Will keep you posted :-)