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Email Programs - Scheduling and Program Statuses

Question asked by 13986 on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by bdbe08b6ddf5a598d1fa6c06df28293c448d7388
Hi all, 

Just experimenting for the first time with the new Email program. Love the A/B testing features and the sweet dashboard. 

Two minor nits to pick -- wonder if I am missing something here. 

1) Scheduling: when I went to run my campaign I was suprised I could only schedule it on the quarter-hour and not run it immediately as with a batch smart campaign. 

Is there any way around this? If not I think this is a real limitation. It would be great to schedule it for any time we want or run it immediately if desired.

2) What program statuses are updated automatically? The email program channel comes with "Member" and "Engaged" I believe but I have customized these to match the way we are used to reporting on email programs, 

On List

On List now = member which I guess is the default and is set by the program when the lead is picked up in the smart list. I am using smart campaigns to update the other stasues.

My question is, what other program status updates are "baked in" to the program, or will these stauses only change based on the smart campaigns I have set up? Just worried about people getting bucketed incorrectly if my smart campaigns and the program are trying to update program stasues in different ways.