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    If you could start over again..

    Louie Frank

      Hello Marketo Users! Question, if you could do one thing over when you started using Marketo, what what that be? Spend more time training, started off with one particular campaign, clearly define lead scoring guidelines, etc. Thanks!

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          Hi Louie,

          What a fantastic questions. For me I would have wanted to have a sandbox environment earlier on so I could play with logic and test to make sure everything worked the way I wanted to. I would also spend more time building scalable procedures and understanding that one area of marketo can affect another area of marketo.

          Would love to know what other people think!
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            I would take more time together with Sales and Marketing to map out and whiteboard different Buyer Personas and Ideal customer profile. We will also disect a sample of opportunities to map out, understand and refine buyers journey (Revenue Cycle). That will help us to map out the content marketing piece to create and use/reuse appropriate content mapped to each stage in Revenue Cycle like Early Stage, middle of the funnel and Late stage communications. And it will lead to strategic and high yield, precise smart campaigns to deliver right content to the right person at the right time moving them along in the revenue cycle success path.

            Marketo is like a fast car. But it can take us wayyy further when we have strategic GPS and clearly mapped out strategy to go where we want to go (achieve our revenue goals).

            Also, I would get even better at making magic in Marketo and printing $$ ( revenue for my company)....
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              Yes, what a fantastic question! I agree with Phillip: having a sandbox environment in Marketo the best way to practice, learn, and experience the tool in the beginning. Without hands on experience, it is difficult to take what you read in the help articles and use them in the real world. Looking forward to more comments, thanks for asking! 
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                Veronica Holmes
                When I started out, it was a slow learning curve figuring out exactly how SFDC and Marketo were synced and talking to each other - I wish I had taken more time to understand this, and understand the database better in general, particularly custom objects. It would have saved me so much time.

                Also - programs and program statuses. In my early days of using Marketo these didn't exist so I can't exactly say I would nail these better if I started again... however if I was giving my top tip these days to new users - understand your program statuses, get them right, build custom channels if need be, and put in the discipline to use them on EVERY program. Once you start digging into reporting and you haven't done this, you start to realise how vital it was to do.