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All of a sudden, our "downloaded PDF" flow steps don't work

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by Dan Stevens.
All of our programs in Marketo explicitly capture downloads based on the name of the PDF file and the page in which it sits on.  All of sudden, all of our instances of a specific campaign flow (where the file is downloaded) isn’t being captured properly because there’s a query string that is being appended to our URLs after filling out a form (specifically a forms2.0 form - this doesn't happen with form1.0).  We’re tracking all program statuses: visited landing page, filled out form, and engaged/downloaded.  And here’s the smart list for when someone downloads the PDF after submitting the form:


Here’s the URL after someone completes the form on this page (  Why is “aliID” being added as a query string to all of our URLs after a form has been submitted?  This makes all of our trigger constraints – in this case “Web Page: is” – invalid.  Marketo doesn’t allow us to use “Web Page: Contains”.  So how do we fix this?