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    Best Practices: Sales Training/Onboarding on Marketo

      Hey everyone, would love to get any guidance/best practices on how you got your sales team newly trained and on-board with Marketo... (fyi we have salespeople in various offices across a couple different offices globally as well) 

      How have you done it previously? What has worked well/not worked too well/failed? Are there any tips/best practices you could share as to the most successful way to get them buy-in and well-trained? 

      Thanks in advance.... 
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          we recomend a one-month launch plan. Normally we do a 90 minute kick-off training call and then 60 minute lunch-and-learns for 4-6 weeks. It is also key to have different training for SDRs vs. Field Sales...

          Key topics we train them on:
          -Teritory dashboard (see engagment in real-time)
          -How to build views not based on ownership of the lead or contact
          -How to use the Outlook or Gmail Plug-in
          -How to use templates with tokens built by Marketing
          -How to send Sales emails from a list view of multiple leads or contacts
          -How to subscibe to a contact or account and get email alerts based on engagment
          -How to use the oportunity influence analyzer on any oportunity
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            Mark's suggestions will provide you a solid foundation to use Marketo effectively and confidently.

            I would add one detail: “Getting Started with Marketo” covers the fundamentals. 

                 That knowledge helps you to maximise the launch pack.
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              Dan Stevens.
              I know this has been discussed in other threads but the Outlook plugin ( which is a key integration point here) is useless until Marketo updates the plugin for Outlook 2013 (for those of us using 2013).  And the fact that Sales emails are not yet supported for those of us using MS Dynamics.
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                In addition, I'd recommend at least quarterly review and update sessions. We're currently doing monthly sessions, but that mostly due to adding new people and the continued new features in Marketo.
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                  Josh Hill
                  You won't be able to get every sales person onboard, some just don't like new tech or tech at all.

                  I do like Mark's program. I also like to add some "carrot and stick" to the game, otherwise you won't get anywhere.

                  I like to monitor Read/Unread leads transfered to Salespeople. If they meet certain milestone, they get something (or avoid something). Then you can move to getting compliance on Lead Status (SQL) movement. So if they are using Marketo, they'll hit the people at the top of the list.


                  for other ideas. It's free.