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Longer Poll Headlines and Entries

Question asked by ac0c216149a8ba6fc529f422b1687a004946de0d on Jan 31, 2014

     We'd be interested in more flexibility for the length of Poll headlines and entry copy.

     Marketo Polls seem to truncate the poll answers, in both the 'headline' of the poll as well as the answer description. The headline only allows about a single line of text, roughly 40 characters before truncating. And the description text only allows about 100 characters of text before truncating. We are now having clients supply poll answers which exceed this by almost a half. Furthermore, when the text truncation occurs, there does not seem to be a way to actually read what the text is -- there is no hover-over functionality which then reveals the rest. Nor is there warning that it will be truncated without previewing it live.

     Not sure if there's a quick win here for the powers that be, but if others agree, chime in!