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    trouble integration SalesForce / Marketo

      We are hosting a seminar th 6th of February, where we have invited Ken Segall, who worked for Steve Jobs as a creative director for more than 10 years!
      We sent out a teaser (enclosed: en førinvitasjon) and an invite (enclosed : invitasjon til Ken Segall…) the filter for the SF list we used is made from Fluido and based on not incl competitors, and not email opt out persons in SF.
      After sending out the invite we detected that the list are not synced. Fluido says something is wrong with the field mapping…
      This means that our competitors and some clients who is marked opt out has got the invite!
      When I have pointed this out for Fluido they don’t seem to solve the problem…
      So my questions to you are: 1. Can you look into the problem and help us?
      We need to send out 2 emailers this week; 1 to everybody who has not answered to remind them, and 2. An email to those who have registered, I can provide a list of those people they registered by answering back to us from the invite using  email.
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          Josh Hill


               I'm assuming Fluido is your consultant? Or is that a tool?

               So you have a smart list for the invitation that attempted to exclude Competitors and Unsubscribed?

               Your Unsubscribed people should be fine because Marketo always blocked people with Unsubscribed=True.  Can you pull a Smart List that says "Was Sent Email IS "X" AND Unsubscribed=True? to see if anyone pops up?

               Your competitors are based on various filters, so that's hard to troubleshoot from here.

               If you aren't syncing between SFDC and Marketo, that's a problem Fluido or Marketo Support should check on. Did you receive any Notifications? Can your Marketo User see the right fields?

               If you aren't getting what you need from Fluido, try asking Marketo Support EMEA for some help.

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            I agree with Josh, unsubscribed leads would be counted as blocked.

            The suggested smart list is a good resource to start identifying who actually received the email.

            What is the program/event name?