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    Common issue in marketo

      i am new to this community,can any one provide a solution for the below issues:

      1.Random behavior between browsers (IE8 and chrome), pages do not load, menus do not load or I can't perform a search because it never ends loading.
      2.Also i have access problems, sometimes I´m not able to login and I´m asked to authorize my account, even without changing device.
      3.Sometimes I'm able to create/edit a form or email and sometimes can't, haven't found a way to replicate it
      4.I´m not able to join market university to review training files. Every time I tried to go to this page it takes me to My Marketo page
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          Josh Hill

          1. IE 8 is not supported. Use the latest Chrome or Safari and you should be fine. Firefox too.

          2. Authorize Account can reset if you reset the browser or at other random times. That's a question for support.

          3. I agree that sometimes the Form and Email editors freeze. I haven't had that issue in a while though, so try a new browser.

          4. Click University or do a search. It may be that you aren't authorized to do certain things. Ask your Marketo administrator to add you.
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            Adding a detail to #2

            Marketo tracks the IP address, just like Salesforce and other leading web applications. 

            If you connect through a different network or if your internet service provider reassigns the connection to another network node, applications adopting that security mechanism will ask you to authorise the new device, even though it is physically the same used before.

            A simple scenario may change your perception: laptops and a growing number of mobile devices are occasionally lost or stolen. The device is protected by password. It is relatively safe although not impossible to crack. It just takes time and some effort. The same principle is valid for web applications. 

            Some users resource to password managers for applications. If a device is lost/stolen, the device authorisation adds a security layer.

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