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    Email Tracking Link

           I am prepping for changing our Primary CNAME in the upcoming weeks due to a business acquisition.  
           In trying to fill out the "ask IT to configure protocols" paragraph provided by Marketo, I know what the landing page domain name will be: info.XX.com, but when I go in to the email section our tracking link is no longer in the form mkto-[a-z][4 digits].com but looks to be replaced with what our current instance is working off of.  Do I give them what it currently says or can i find the old email tracking link that is in the correct form?  And I need a little help with what to put in for the second paragraph in bold below....
           - For our tracking links in email, add another DNS entry for the CNAME[emailTrackingCNAME].companydomain.com

           Any help would be appreciated.