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    How to ensure data from form syncs with SFDC contact vs lead

      Situation:  I have a survey form on a Marketo landing page where I am sending out emails with URL parameters that include a SFDC contacts email address.  The email address is captured on the form in a hidden field so I can sync the data to SFDC.  The form also include 6 custom SFDC fields that belong solely within the Contact object within Salesforce.

      Problem: Everything on the form is working as advertised but if I have a SFDC Lead and a SFDC Contact with the same email address, Marketo is syncing the form data to the SFDC Lead and not the SFDC Contact.  Since I have 6 custom fields solely on the SFDC contact object, I need the data to sync with the SFDC contact rather than the SFDC lead.


      1.  How can I guarentuee that the Marketo form data will sync with SFDC contacts rather than SFDC leads?

      Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.