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SFDC Lead ID in email link for Survey Gizmo pre-fill fields

Question asked by e802f72c4361800f48a2674620cbcc23a9c8db19 on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by b5d282dfa29104d6debc5bc70d2ef1ae61ffedec
Hi Folks,

I'm new to Marketo and Survey Gizmo. I'm trying to set up a survey in Survey Gizmo which pre-fills the contact info in the survey with lead info from SFDC. Survey Gizmo does this by appending the SFDC lead ID to the end of the survey URL:

The "xxxxxxxxxxxx" is taken from the lead ID number in SFDC e.g. "". 

I'd like to email the link to the survey via Marketo and need the link to be dynamically updated for each lead ID from SFDC so that the contact section of the survey is pre-filled for leads that are in SFDC. I read in an older post to use the Lead ID token {{lead.SFDC Id}} and I've set class to "mktNoTrack" but the link still won't have the survey form pre-filled.

When I go to the survey page using that link, the survey URL looks like:

The SFDC lead ID is missing.

The post used "mid" instead of "leadid" which I've tried but doesn't work either. Can anyone provide some advice? Thanks in advance.