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Forms 2.0 - Embedded Forms/Follow Up Page

Question asked by 88dad46705157b6e715509ceb614fe0de109948e on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Alicia Bell
Hi there,

Before Forms 2.0, if I wanted to iframe in a form, I created a form and put if on a landing page, and then iframed it, etc and linked it to a follow up page. I made sure there were no scroll bars, etc if I wanted the follow up page within the iframe, or I put some custome HTML code on there to have the follow up page show in a new window, etc. This code was on the submit page.

Now, with Forms 2.0, I my form doesn't need a landing page to be iframed, Understood. But what happens to the follow up page? Where do I put the code to determine what happens to it if I'm embedding a form, not a landing page with custom code?

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