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    sales alerts on form completion

    Richard Wasylynchuk

      We currently have an alert to set up when a visitor completes a form on our website. The problem we are seeing is when one visitor comes to the site and has multiple form completions the sales rep is getting bombarded with sales alerts.

      Has anyone found a successful way to limit the sale alerts from one particular user?
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          Hey Richard,

          One idea would be to create a field and assign a value to it based on the form the lead fills out. This would be updated every time a lead fills out a form.

          Form A = 1
          Form B = 2
          Form C = 3

          From there you would set up a single campaign that sends out all your sales alerts, which is requested from all your form fill-out campaigns. In the Send Sales Alert section of the flow, you would add the different alerts as choices based on the value of the form fill out field you created.


          If Recent Form Fill is 1
          Send Alert 1

          If Recent Form Fill is 2
          Send Alert 2


          From there, you would set the smart campaign to run leads through every X minutes--whatever your sales team is comfortable with.

          It would look something like this:
          •           Lead fills out form A, "Recent Form Fill" field is populated with '1"
          •           Form A smart campaign ends by requesting the Sales Alert Campaign
          •           The "Recent Form Fill" still has a value of "1" so the Sales Alert Campaign sends the alert based on the choice


               If Recent Form Fill is 1
               Send Alert 1


          •           Because the campaign has the time limit on lead flow, the lead in this example can't flow through (send alerts to sales) for another X minutes.


               Hope this all makes sense.

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            The really simple option is keep your existing workflow but control how often someone can enter the workflow. So depending on your sales teams preference you could set this to something like 2 days. All the leads form fills will still be logged but this way you control how often sales is alerted. 
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              Richard Wasylynchuk
              Thanks Jeff, I did exactly that.
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                Awesome, glad I was able to help! - Jeff