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30 Trial/Drip Campaign Help Needed...

Question asked by 38264 on Jan 16, 2014
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Hi Everyone,

So I am looking for some advice/validation on setting up a 30 Day Trial campaign for my company PointDrive. In short we are launching our "pro plan" in a few weeks, but anyone that has and will sign up will be put into a 30 trial drip campaign.

I'm basically looking to do the following:
  1.           4 Days after they sign up for the trial we will send Email 1 (we actually send 1st welcome email from our app so technically this is #2)
  2.           12 Days in we will send email 2
  3.           7 Days Remaining we will send email 3
  4.           Finally when the 30 day mark hits we will send the final email.
Here is what I am having trouble with. Ideally I would like to look at a certain field PD_Start_Date and start the campaign based on that date...we are not fully automated with the API (been focused on getting product done first) so I have to, for the time being upload daily. If I miss a day and I am only looking at the date someone was added to the program that throws everything off. So basically need that Start Date Field to be the trigger to start this campaign. The second thing is that I need to continually look to see if the account type has gone from Trial to Paid account at anytime within that 30 day window, so I can remove them from the program all together...the emails in this program will strictly be trying to get them to sign up/pay for the pro version.

So what I am looking for is any advice on the best way to do this...maybe super easy, relatively new to Marketo..we've bee signed up for a few months, just have had no real reason until now to do the more complex stuff marketo can do. This is what I set up so far...should I set up a seperate program to sniff out trial to paid for example or do I do that under each email/program? Should I even do it like this? Goal is to try and do this the best way so we don't have to redo it later cause I screwed it up. I set up wait steps for each...4 days, 12 days and so on..but it is not looking at that PD_Start_Date field..not sure how to do that.


We need to be continually looking/sniffing for new users so we can start this on time so it matches our apps 30 day countdown....I've been told the API will be coming soon so I want to build for that.

Thanks in advance, appreciate any feedback/tips/help.

Craig B.