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    Lead Source Automation

      Hi all, 

      I was wondering whether the Lead Source field can be automated along certain rules.

      To give an example, say someone clicked through to the website for the first time after searching on google, then I would like the lead source to automaticalyy say "Search." Alternatively, if someone clicked through from an advert with a url containing utm_source=onlineadvert, I would like the lead source to automatically become "Online Advert." 

      I know that the lead source can be filled automatically through a hidden field when someone fills out a form, but often people will click on an advert and visit the website as an anonymous lead, only returning a week later to fill in the form (when they simlpy type the url in) . A form would be unable to capture the fact that they had clicked on the advert previously. 

      I would also like to prevent updates to the lead souce field via field management, so that the lead source is the original lead source, and ensure that this field is synced through to Salesforce. 

      I hope I haven't been too demanding!


      PS I would like desperateley to avoid using cookies beyond Munchkin as well as any coding.
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          I have some ideas for the first part of your question, but haven't tested them, so let me know if you want to talk it over.

          However, to prevent updates to this field, go to admin and click "field management." Select the field you are looking to alter in the right hand column and click the field options tab in the top left of the selector bar. Choose Block field updates to keep it from updating.

          The field will only appear in the "field management" section of the admin if it is synced to SFDC. Otherwise, you may have to change the Marketo Sync User profile to make this field visible to this user and thus your marketo instance.

          Hope this helps with at least part of what your are trying to do.

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            Thanks Josh,

            What were you thinking for the first part?
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              Hey Fred. Do exactly what you were just thinking. As Josh says, make sure that Lead Source & Detail are already marked as Blocked from Updates. But then just create smart campaigns to your heart's content. I do exactly what you suggest, here's an example of how I input Social media info onto these records. Then once they convert they have the original place they came from as the source, not the first conversion. We've had a lot of discussions about which we want to track, I think the origination is more interesting than the first touch point, but I think it's a great debate to have.


              Just in case for my Source & Detail, even though I have them blocked from updates, I still put a conditional statement (if empty) then update..

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                Definitely use the "Change Data Value" in the flow, but as for the smart list, maybe use the trigger "visits webpage" (contains your web site home page) and add a filter "original referer" contains google.com? . Then you would set your Lead Source to Google. Not sure if this is the right move though.

                For the other, maybe do the same thing but filter for original fsource info contains your "utm_source=onlineadvert." 
                This is a complete guess, but let me know if it works!
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                  You don't need to specify the webpage.
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                    Thanks for all this advice.

                    At the moment the lead source automatically populates with "Website" (which as you can tell is not very helpful). If the lead source is already filled in as website and the field is blocked from updates, would a smart campaign change the lead source or not?

                    If a smart campaign would not then change the lead source, what would be the way to work around the problem? I guess that I would have to allow updates but add a filter similar to the one that Adam uses above, except that I replace lead source is unknown with lead source is website?
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                      Put a wait step on the campaign that automatically fills in the field with Website. Wait 5 minutes, let other campaigns run first, if no one claims it, after 5 minutes website is filled.