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    One Landing Page for Multiple Programs

      Hi Marketo Community!

      We created a landing page that we are using for mulitple programs.  We want to track how leads get to the landing page through different programs.  We did this before but ran into a problem when we had one landing page used for 19 different programs.  The problem was that we needed to edit that landing page and therefore had to go in and edit each of the 19 different landing pages separately.  This was very time consuming.   This time around, I tried moved the landing page into the design studio and then tried to choose it when creating the new program, but I only had the option to pick from templates.  The idea was that it was similiar to forms, create one and when edited it changes on all the landing pages it is used on.

      Do you have any advice or recommendations as to how to set up landing pages with the intention of using them for mulitple programs to be able to have accurate tracking but only have one that is editable.  Is this even possible?

      Thank you!
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          If you would like to have accurate tracking, the recommendation is to have local landing pages.

          If you would like to have global landing pages where you can change something on that landing and have it reflect on all of your landing pages, you'll want to build an entire langing page template.   Then, you'll want to use that landing page template to create your landing pages (without changing or creating anything on the landing page) 

          However, please note that if you make a change to a landing page template, you will still need to go and approve each landing page that is using that template in order for those changes to take effect.

          In short, you won't be able to create global landing pages - you may only clone them.  You can create global landing page templates

          Hope that helps.