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Trying to Get a Nurture Program back on the Proper Cadence

Question asked by 40568 on Oct 30, 2013
Hi Again Marketo Community!

We set up a somewhat complex nurture program that stemmed from a simple idea.  We want to send a dynamic email to three different target personas, each within a week of each other.  The personas have been segmented and onboarded to the campiagn by their job titles.  The first group is scheduled to be sent at 7am the first Wednesday of each month and then wait a month for the next stream of content.  The second group goes out the second week and the third group goes out the third week of the month.  We have some complicated wait steps in there, which caused the first email group to go out on the first Friday, but the second and third group all deployed at the proper time.  We are trying to get the first group back on track for the first Wednesday of each month but unfortunately are in a wait step that lasts a month, which means they are scheduled to be sent the content on Friday, November 8.  It seems we may not be able to get this group back on track until December, but even then we are not sure how to do this.  

The Flow of the first group is shown in the screenshot.  I also attached a screenshot of the Nurture Stream (Email 02 is being created now).  Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have spent a few office hours trying to fix this but no solution has been figured out.


Thank you!