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    Marketo form fill -- phone and email validation

      Hi all, has anyone had success implementing a tool that validates phone and/or email address in a form fill? I don't believe this is included in Marketo's forms, but I'm hoping someone has "hacked" a solution. We are integrated with Salesforce.com and our forms are embedded on WordPress landing pages on our site. Thanks!
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          maybe you need to define the "validating" more detailed, but did you try the Mask Input in Forms 2.0?

          And which kind of validation do you want for emails?

          Best regards

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            Hi Steffen, I hope to exclude fake email addresses (a@a.com for instance). I would also like the form to verify that the phone number is a valid phone number (wishful thinking), or at the very least the correct number of digits. The Mask input will help, thanks!
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              Hi Kate,
              I have no idea if is it anyway possible to do this kind of telephone verifying in Marketo, but as we are mainly Salesforce Consulting I know that there it is possible to do a further verifying where every number is shortly called to check if it "exists". If you need this, maybe I would take a look at AppExchange.

              For the email address you could take a look at javascript (if you implement it into Wordpress anyway) to check this. Just take a short look at this discussion from a few days ago: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoDiscussionDetail?id=90650000000Ppy4AAC
              This part blocks mail domains which are not wanted: 
              var invalidDomains = 

                   But you can also do some other stuff using javascript. But, and this is just my opinion and experience, if people don't want to give their real email address they find a way (a lot of trashmail offerings exist...) so I prefer to build up data management campaigns which prevent your database to be flooded with this kind of information.

                   Hope that helps, and maybe other people have different hints.
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                Josh Hill
                I usually run data management campaigns to do this. But you can hire a jquery/javascript person to add that blocking code that will go beyond the Phone Masking.

                The problem with phone masking is you can't really use it for international numbers. Masking will only verify the correct format of the email address.
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                  There is a way to do this. We're looking into tools like Kickbox.io to do webhook based email validation. Since they also offer a realtime API, we're thinking of querying their service on the front-end, before form submit. Josh is right though, you will need a javascript/jquery developer to help out. It gets pretty technical.