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    How to restrict who can fill out a form

      I would like to restrict certain people/companies from being able to fill out a form on a landing page. Is that possible? If so, any suggestions on how to do it?
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          Josh Hill
          If you don't want them to fill out the form at all, you'll need some javascript to preven that.

          If your situation means you're sending out an email after the fill out (or registering, etc), then why not do this:

          Register Campaign Flow:
          Smart List NOT IN Competitors

          Make sure you have that competitors smart list that looks at Company, Domain, Email, etc...to 

          Then the system blocks any competitors from being put through the flow. Their data is in there, but they don't get the email or content. They'll never be sure what happened, then you can monitor their activity.
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            It sounds like I unfortunately will need javascript. This landing page is on our website, so anyone has access to filling out the form. Once the lead fills out the form, they are able to read the whitepaper (the white paper is the follow up URL). Would I need to get an outside vendor to help with this javascript or is this something Marketo offers?
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              There are a couple of problems with you approach.

              First off, if your whitepaper link is on the thank you/confirmation page, anyone who knows HTML can get it without filling out the form (part of the way Marketo does things; the "retURL" parameter is in plain sight).

              If this is truly a major requirement, the easiest way to do this is to email the link to the whitepaper instead, and create a blacklist for your competitors, preventing them from receiving the confirmation email.
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                Hi Kelly, I have a group of people I don't need form fills from. I have created a segment in Lead Database (e.g. Customers). On landing pages I can always take the form elment and and choose "Segment by". The default segment has the form you want, but the segment 'Customers' has another form. This form is a blank form without fields and the button and so on are removed with CSS (display:none;). You could also keep the button, so they can still visit the thank you page with additional info.
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                  Thank you all for these suggestions, much appreciated!