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    Embed Slide Share into Landing Page

      Is it possible embed a Slide Share presentation into a Marketo landing page? If so, how do I do it? I want to include it on a post-webinar landing page for people to access along with the full recording. 
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          Hi Heidi,
          Yes, I believe this is possible. I found this article to get the embed code from Slide Share: http://help.slideshare.com/entries/438663-Can-I-embed-a-SlideShare-on-my-blog-without-the-related-content-suggestions-showing-up-at-the-end-

          Once you have that code, you can put an HTML element into your Marketo landing page and paste the code there.

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            Josh Hill
            Just pull in the Slideshare embed link from the Advanced Settings of the slide share you want.

            Copy and paste. It should show up automatically without any changes. If not, look into the above.