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    Lead Score = Demographic Score

      I'm trying to find a way to have lead score = demographic score in certain conditions. For example, in case of unsubscribe, I want to push the behavioral score to zero and have the overall lead score be equal to whatever value the demographic score is at that moment.

      Any input? My only solution for now is to build a formula on Salesforce where Lead Score = Demographic + Behavior but I would prefer to find a solution on the Marketo side of the equation.

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          Hey Franco,

          If you want the Lead score to be whatever the Demographic score is before you change the Demogrphic to 0, then have a Change Score flow step where you have Score Name "Lead Score" and Change "={{lead.Demographic Score}}". Then, have another Change Score flow step where you have Score Name "Demographic Score and Change "=0".

          I just built this and I do not get any errors (red squiggly lines), but make sure you test! I have never tested this before; just an idea.
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            Subscribing to this for more suggestions. I tried your suggestion Jeff, and while it didn't do the squiggly lines or anything, it didn't work. 

            Tried using it in the 'Change Score' field directly, and it told me I needed a whole number. 

            My workaround so far is to setup a whole bunch of If statements. Here goes:

            My demographics can never get higher than 15, so I have 15 IF statements set up in the flow step. 

            Flow Step 1: Change Behavioral Score = 0
            Flow Step 2: If Demographics Score = 1, Then change Lead Score = 1
                                 If Demographics Score = 2, Then change Lead Score = 2
            so on up until 15. 

            The default I have set up is Change Lead Score + 0. 
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              Josh Hill
              Hey folks, I tried to do what Jeff suggests and it does not work if you use Change Score because this flow step won't recognize a "-" before a token. That'd be nice.

              It DOES work if you replace the Total Score with Behavior Score using a token in Change Data Value.
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                Any idea why it doesn't work with Demographic Score Josh?

                Using {{lead.Behavioral Score}} works without issue, but {{lead.Demographic Score}} seems to always change the Lead Score to 'null'.
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                  Any update on this?  I am trying to do the same as Caleb