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Beware of the inability to select the email asset in smart campaigns of the new Email Program

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by 55269
Last week, I came across an issue that prevented me from creating any smart campaigns within an email program and selecting the actual email as part of any smart lists.  Specifically, when A/B testing is configured. 

For example, we've modified the Email Send channel to include additional progression statuses for us to track (open, clicks).  We then create individual smart campaigns to move leads into the appropriate status so they can be viewed in the Members tab.  We also typically create a separate smart campaign to send out a test to a common seed list internally prior to activating the program.  If A/B testing has been setup prior to doing any of this, you will NOT be able to select your email within any smart list of a smart campaign. 

I contacted Support about this, and they assured me this was intended behavior and that if this didn't fit our business needs, to submit a new Idea to the community for consideration for future enhancments.  I wanted to alert others in case they run into this same issue.