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Send Marketo templates though Salesforce

Question asked by 68658 on Sep 26, 2014
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At the risk of having one or more of you repeating yourself...just know i have googled and searched this before posting on here! :) 
     I'm trying to allow our sales team to send Custom Marketo HTML custom emails through Salesforce. I'm aware that Marketo Sales Insight has a bit of integration with Salesforce but everything I see is mostly Activity and Scoring based. I don’t see anywhere about sending an email!? How can I get this to work! I'm aware of outlook plug-ins and Gmail... 

But I would like to apply a button on the Account / Leads that the sales team and click to send a MARKETO email! So we can track it and whatnot. 

Also on a somewhat related note... about adding leads into Marketo Campaigns though salesforce?
We have Marketo Sales Insight. I thought all i would have to do it configure it right but I think I missed something!? Am I missing somewhere here?