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Smart List and Flow Logic

Question asked by Elizabeth Ragland on Feb 3, 2014
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     Ok community, here's my issue:

     I have a series of emails set up to launch over the course of 2 weeks but if the lead status in SFDC changes, I want to make sure that the lead gets kicked out of the flow completely. I also want to make sure that we are suppressing certain smart lists, including blacklisted leads. And finally, I want to make sure that the lead doesn't get the emails in this flow on the weekend.

Here's my first stab at the campaign set up:
     For the first email in the series I have a Trigger smart list set up to only include leads who filled out a specific form. For the flow step in this campaign I have told Marketo to wait 15 minutes, then send the first email.

     Then for the second email I want to make sure that we filter out those who have since been added to our blacklist smart list. To accomplish this I have a batch campaign set up to include those who received the first email, and then filter out those who are in the blacklist AND filter out those who have a lead status other than New (if the lead gets in touch with a Rep and then the rep turns that into an open/working lead in SFDC, I don't want them to continue to get these automated messages). The flow step in this second campaign of the series is to wait 24 hours and send the second email. I've set this as a batch campaign to run every morning at 9am.

     Then for the third email I have another recurring batch campaign. For the smart list: those who were sent the second email and lead status is still new.
     This batch campaign is also set up to run every morning at 9am.

     I have a fourth and fifth recurring batch campaign to run like the second and third above.

Second attempt:
     A colleague of mine suggested I get rid of all these recurring batch campaigns and set one campaign with a Smart List with the fills out form trigger and removes blacklisted contacts filter in the smart list and set the flow as follows: I set the wait step (15 minutes) send the first email then wait step (24 hours) then Remove from Flow action if the Lead Status is not New and then send then next email, set a wait step (48 hours), then Remove from Flow action if the Lead Status is not New and then sends the next email, set a wait step, insert the remove from flow action, so on and so forth...

Issues with the first attempt: this is 6 different recurring batch campaigns which is really annoying. My timing won't be perfect because if the campaign runs at 9am and a lead fills out the form at 9:15 am, then they won't get kicked into the second email campaign until the following day, which isn't that big of a deal but still not really want I want.

Issues with the second attempt: I've never used the remove from flow step in the flow before so I don't really know how it works. Also, if I put the filter after the initial Trigger "not in black listed smart list" in the campaign smart list, will that catch newly assigned black listed leads before every email is sent, or should I also add that as a remove from flow criteria in the flow step?

Would I be better off setting this is a nurthre campaign? I've never tried a nurturet campaign so I'm a little concerned that the learning curve will push back the launch of this new email series.

Issues with both campaigns: how can I make sure leads don't get these emails on the weekends? I know I can set a recurring batch campaign to run on weekdays but the wait 24 hours step will kick in and if the campaign runs on a Friday, they will get the next email on the weekend.