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    Smart Campaigns In Engagement Engines


      I am currently using smart campaigns in streams in my engagement program. They are set up as directed, Member of Engagement Program =True Engagement Program = Engagement program.

      If I add in an additional filter like email address contains "google.com" will the leads who contain google in their email address move into the smart campaign and the leads that don't contain google.com receive the next content in the stream they qualify for? Does it react the same way as a lead that has already received that content, or would the no qualifying leads wait until the next caste to receive content?

      I am looking to send an email to leads that are going to be at a tradeshow the following week, and remove them from my other marketing efforts.

      I look forward to your advice,


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          Hi Ryan,
          If a lead does not qualify for the campaign, they will not receive any content that cast. 

          A workaround to this would be to only have Member of Engagement Program =True filter in the Smart Campaign (everyone will qualify for this campaign). In the flow, you could set up choices. To use your example, you could have a choice like: If Email Address contains google.com, then send Email #1. Your default choice could be to send the email (call it Email #2) that will go out the following cast. 

          The next week, everyone who received Email #1 will continue in the stream and receive Email #2 and everyone who received Email #2 will skip a piece of content and receive Email #3.