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    Using Referral Offers

      I'm planning to use the social referral feature to set up a customer referral program.  I have a fairly basic question, which I didn't see covered in the deep dive documentation.

      I see how I can track the people who are referring, and how they can track their progress.  I also see how I can see who has been referred (based on the landing page where they sign up).  What I don't see if how I can link the referrer and the referred.

      For example:
      Jane is my customer.  She signs up for my referral program offer - and sends the link to her friends.
      Joe is one of Jane's friends.  He receives the referral offer from Jane and signs up.
      How do I know that Joe came from Jane?

      If any one has any examples of a customer referral program using this feature, I'd love to see them....


      - Jocelyn
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          Good question Jocelyn - Our referral campaign is tailored for full automation and this reverse lookup operation is not supported today.  Here's how the referral offer (and other social apps) work - When Jane signs up, she gets a short URL (say, http://mrk.to/jdoe) which she forwards to her friends.  When Joe clicks on the link AND fills out a form, we populate the Social Syndication Id field in Joe's lead record with a machine-recognizable identifier which ties Joe back to Jane, his referrer.  This machine-recognizable id is mapped to the short URL (http://mrk.to/jdoe) and this mapping is known only to our system.

          We plan to enhance the participants tab to display the machine recognizable identifiers associated with the referrer's short URL (http://mrk.to/jdoe <-> djeo), which would allow you to perform this lookup manually.  My best guess is that we'll have this in Q2 2014.

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            Jocelyn, you can create a form where the friend will be placing the details of their friend. And in this form you can add a field called "Referred by" in this case you can trach that Joe come from Jane. 

            Hope that helps.