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    2 Salesforce campaigns - 1 program

    Amber Hobson
      Before I set this up in Marketo, I want to see if anyone has tried it and if it will work like I want. We sync every program/event that we do in Marketo to a campaign in Salesforce. The campaigns have status for open, click, form fills, etc so that anyone can see what action the contact took. For certain campaigns, we want our internal lead qualification group to make follow up calls depending on the action that the contact took. The way we set it up is we have a parent campaign that is linked to Marketo and then we have a child campaign for the follow up calls. 

      I want to set up a trigger in Marketo that when a contact clicks the CTA link, their status is changed in that program which in turn syncs back to that Salesforce campaign but I then want the next step to be that they are also added to an additional Salesforce campaign as a new member. This campaign isn't synced with a Marketo program in any way at all.

      Will this work or will it mess up one of my programs? Anyone know?
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          Josh Hill
          I believe you can do this, but I would test it first.

          Marketo ignores Add to SFDC Campaign in synced Programs, but I'm not sure if that's when you point it at the same program.

          An alternative is to have that smart campaign live outside of the Program.
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            Veronica Holmes
            Honestly the way I would manage this is one of two ways:

            - Do not sync this program with the SFDC campaign, and manage the SFDC campaign sync actionsfor both campaigns  through flow actions in Marketo smart campaigns

            - Do as Josh suggests, and have an additional smart campaign running outside the program (but can be in same folder) that manages updates to the second SFDC campaign triggered by actions that happen inside the program.
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              We have something simalar as we use child- and parent campaigns in Salesforce. But we do follow-up a bit different. In your example we would have 1 campaign which just displays the status as it should. Now the team logs tasks (e.g. calls and emails) which are associated with the lead AND campaign. Leads in the campaign without tasks are considered neglected and we report on this. Next we have added 3 more member statuses in SF which are related to if the follow-up is complete. This is the only status that indicates success (responded). This status has to be updated by the team. Obviously followed-up leads no longer need the tasks inside the campaign and are no longer taken in to account for the neglected leads.