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    Best Practices on entering Search/SEO leads into Nurture Track?


      I wanted to see if there any best practices or techniques for creating lead nurture tracks around incoming leads generated by SEO/Search/Web efforts?

      We currently have a basic web site smart list built in Marketo that looks at 'Original Search Phrase'. Our keyword values stem from our select keywords that exist on our web pages within the metdata.

      How should I be thinking about this? We're looking to send these search leads 3-4 messages which consist of a welcome message, services out line, and possibly funnel certain information to the lead if they fall under one of our Named Accounts in SalesForce?

      Should we entering search leads generaterd by SEO into our strack if they clicked a certain amount of pages on our web site, filled out a contact us form, or converted based on a keyword?

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          Josh Hill

          What do you want the lead to do? What's the goal of the nurture? Where do you think they are in the buy cycle and how do you know?

          I'd align the nurture stream to the keyword or types of pages they've visited. Your trigger could be any number of things that indicate they are interested in your firm. Again, what's the goal of the nurture?

          Possible goals
          •           get them to a video demo
          •           get them to ask for a call, trial, or demo by Sales.
          •           get them to download the next 3 items and then sales calls
          •           get them to go from Solution search to Why Your Company
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            Begin by bucketizing your common search phrases and building nuruting programs around your audiences specific interest and the best product/solution you offer given their painpoint.

            You will need think about your story and decide on how many touches it will take for you to take them from their search (bucket) to buying your product. This varies from company to company and the complexity of the product/ service.

            I would begin here: 
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              Hi Josh,

              Great points.

              1: We are assuming that our search leads are at the beginning of the buying cycle. Our goal was to launch this nurture which would send a 1) Welcome email from our company and what we do at a very high level, wait 10-18 days .. 2) Send an email with an introduction to our services in more detail .. 3) Send an email to all prospects who are not in Named Accounts as follow-up to our services and include some video demos / warm them up to a sales call. If the prospect exists within one of our Named Accounts, they will receive email from one of our Sales Executives reminding them of their current situation with our organization and how we can help them with their needs.

              2: Our goal of the nurture is to warm up search leads to buy, but also not push to them aggervation.