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Using Marketo Programs instead of emails in Engagement Programs: Channel Attribution

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on May 4, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by 31797
     When leveraging Engagement Programs to nurture our leads, we want to ensure that:
  1.           no one receives an email that they may have already received – whether that’s part of the nurture program or a program outside of the nurture, and
  2.           no one receives an email that promotes content that they’ve already downloaded/viewed (e.g., via a page on our website).  

     We understand that the latter would require us to build dedicated email programs (not the new “email program”, but traditional programs) to include the appropriate smart campaigns to track this. We also must accurately report on the other channels that are contributing to program success.  So if we setup a single program to accommodate all of this (as well as engagement from other channels), just the email channel would get credit for the success, when in fact, other channels can be driving leads to this program (website promotion, search, social, display advertising, etc.
     I'd be interested to learn how others are setting up their programs that are used within the Engagement Program.  Are you setting up a single program?  Which channel is this program based on - and what are the program statuses within that channel?