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    Seeking points of comparison -- registration rates for webinars, open houses, etc.

      Hello! While there's plenty of published statistics available for average open rates, etc., I'd welcome some points of comparison from the Marketo community. What are your average registration rates (registered/invited) for event invitations such as an open house? How about for webinars? How well would you say you've segmented your lists by interest or demographics?

      I welcome any suggestions on how to improve the registration rates -- winning subject lines, call to actions, etc. 

      We're in the B2B technology space -- offering enterprise cloud solutions. 

      Thanks in advance!
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          Josh Hill
          There are a couple of good articles on Spearmarketing regarding Webinar data.

          My experience is:

          Webinars: 40-50% attend rate, usually between 10a-2p EDT
          Roadshows: 50% attend rate if free, breakfasts work best in most cities. 75% attend rate if small fee and good content. More general prediction content worked better for me, but that was probably industry specific.

          Registration rates totally depend on Content+Target+Timing. If your topic is timely and deals with predictions about a topic people care abotu (but not too niche), then you should get registrations. If your list is properly targeted, you will get more registrations. I know of a company that gets 350+ per webinar in a niche space because they are focused on their list.

          Subject Line: Topic + Date (but not too long)
          CTA: Register Now/Today

          Drive traffic from syndicated content sites, newsletter ads, and house list.
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