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    Multiple Email Addresses on One Lead

      Hi all, 

      I have seen a few older similar threads on this issue but wondering if anyone has thought of a solution for our particular use case. Here goes. 

      Most leads in our Marketo instance are created when someone fills out the form to create an account in our web app, which is an online hiring tool. 

      So the two databases start out being in synch, but frequently email addresses will change in one or both places so that they become out of synch.

      For example, an employer may changes the email address in their ClearFit account to something like jobs@company.com (since this is where they want to receieve all the notifications about new job applicants) while their Marketo/SFDC record has the email address for individual correspondence (name@company.com). 

      Where this is causing issues is that we are using activities in the ClearFit app as triggers for Marketo campaigns. For example, we have some API calls from the ClearFit app to Marketo that trigger particular campaigns using a RequestCampaign call when someone creates a job, makes a purchase, etc.. These calls use the email address of the ClearFit account that has logged in as the key, and if the email address is diffrerent it will fail. 

      Is there any way to store the ClearFit app email address to a secondary field on the Marketo/SFDC record, such that it will still be recognized when the app makes API calls but the default communication email in Marketo/SFDC will remain and receive the marketing emails? 

      I am guessing I could also change the API calls so they use a different keytype such as the Marketo ID but this may bring some additional challenges, so I wanted to check first if there was a way to do it via changing something in Marketo. 

      Thanks for any input.