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    How to get list id

      Using REST, but dont understand how to get the list id - in order to e.g. add member to list.
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          We don't currently have an API for that (but we are working on it). However, you can get the ID by going to a Static List in the Marketo UI and clicking on it. The URL of that list will have a number near the end- that's the List ID.
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            it would seem then that the rest api is incomplete? Should I be using the SOAP client.

            I also notice the create lead method returns only a list of ids with status. Shouldn't it also return the email for which the id was created for i.e.

            result {id:5,email:f@f.com,status:created}

            This would make it easier to associate the id with the person on the application side. e.g. "get user where email = :email set mkid = :id"

            Currently, the association can only be done through position - when more than 1 lead is being sent for creation or update. Seems like unecessary processing is required here.

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              Nope, doesn't exist in SOAP either. I agree the feature should be added, but it doesn't exist yet.

              Ahh, are you saying the trouble isn't that in the single case (where I'm sure you still have the email address), but in the bulk case you want the email address back so you can associate the Marketo IDs and still handle any skipped leads?

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                for example when doing the following process
                1. create leads
                2. associate leads to list
                on create a list of 100 leads, a response of {mkto-id, status} is returned for each created lead (100 in this example). this mkto id has no association with my local list - save for the position in the response list related to the position in my lead list on request. This then requires to associate that response id to my local lead by position alone - which gives no peace of mind.

                if the email is returned with id and status {mkto-id, email, status}, I then have an intuitive association between my local list and the returned mkto response - mapped on email.

                in the scenario when there is a single lead on create request, this wouldnt be so necessary, as the response would only return a single id with status; however, if you return the email for a list - you might as well do the same for a single item.

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