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    Adding data to anonymous records

      We are building a campaign that will have many traffic drivers that go to both Marketo landing pages and non-Marketo landing pages that do have munchkin on them.  Our media team is putting various query string values on links and want this data saved into Marketo upon the first visit (update blocked fields).

      One option we have used in the past is to add a visited web page trigger with a query string constraint.  However this time there are too many distinct values to make this a successful solution.

      My next thought was to use the Javascript API, but it appears that an email address is required to call associate lead.  Since we are trying to capture this information from before the lead converts into a known lead this option isn't going to work either.

      The final option I can think of is to capture the traffic driver information and munchkin cookie value into a non-Marketo data source and run a sync lead process through the SOAP api.  We're looking into how much "head room" we have available against the SOAP api limit, but if the campaign is successful (hope, hope, hope) this might be an issue as well.

      Does anyone have another better idea.  At the end of the day I'm looking for a quick and easy way to push data into an anonymous lead from a query string that scales.

      Thanks for your help