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    Poll: Your experience level with HTML/CSS

      This question is for folks who use Marketo not in a consultant capacity, but rather as the sole user for your company.  I want to know how your team organizes job responsibilities around Marketo:

      1.)  What is your job title at your organization?
      2.)  How involved are you with the HTML/CSS coding of your email marketing campaigns?  Does your graphic design team handle all of it, or does more of it fall to you?

      My organization is trying to figure out how to utilize existing resources and also plan for the future in this capacity.  I have some experience with HTML and in previous jobs, was actually doing the updates in Dreamweaver and troubleshooting code (though was no expert).  However, this was a few years ago and there have been many chances since then, including responsive email design.  I'm trying to figure out if I personally need more training, or if our graphic design team needs more training.

      Thanks for your thoughts!