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    Reachforce, Ringlead, Data.com

      We are fairly new Marketo users and are looking at cleaning up our SFDC database, as well as improving the data on the leads that we receive. We have looked at Reachforce, Ringlead and Data.com but now aren't quite sure what would work best for us.

      De-duplication is our first priority, and then data appending is next. Our customer base is majority small business so wondering if a data append service would even work well considering the sources that are used for appending.

      Any recommendations between these? If someone can explain in plain english the basic difference between each, that would be fantastic! Hope this gives you enough info to point me in the right direction.  Thanks!
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          Hi Meghan,

          We are in a similar conundrum but here's my advice based off of prior experiences. Ringlead works well for leads as they come in, not your historical database. So, it will help de-dupe by various fields as leads come in but they are not as reliable for looking at your historical data and appending it. 

          Reachforce is a great solution for data appending. We are currently looking at both Reachforce and Oceanos for our data append, with the main difference between the two being price point. Reachforce offers an in-depth analysis of your data and they're accomodating on price. I've worked with Matthew Trepenski for the past 3 months, and he is a great resource for more educational materials on Reachforce and how the set-up works. They also offer a great tool for leads as they come in, and I would definitely recommend it because the sources they use are in-depth and on point. We also have smaller companies (work with healthcare), and they're match rate was above 90% with our database!

          Data.com is a rip off. We have had poor experiences with them and they are the least cost effective solution. Enough said :)

          We are also looking at InsideView as a tool for appending leads as they come in, but we're are in the initial research stages so I don't have any real feedback on implementation and pricing (yet). 

          Also, don't go with Zoominfo or InfoUSA, they are list vendors and although they promote data appending it is poor quality. 

          GOOD LUCK! and let me know what you decide. 
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            Josh Hill

                 Ringlead has a good deduping solution. I would also look at dupeblocker (SFDC side).

                 Marketo has Easy Merge which I hear works well, but costs some cash. If you have an SFDC Admin and Demand Tools, you can do the same thing yourself.

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                Rebecca Llontop

                Hi Josh Hill,


                Could you please elaborate how we could dedupe our Marketo database ourselves with SFDC + Demand Tools? Our instance has a ton of duplicates, mainly due to large data list imports of records from both the Marketo and SFDC side. We're in the process of trying to find the right tool to do a mass clean-up within Marketo's database and that can provide a long-term deduplication solution within our instance (if possible). We're currently considering Marketo's new AutoMerge, but have also heard about Ringlead--that being said, we'd be much happier to save the cash if we don't need to spend it. Our SFDC admins set up rules within SFDC (using Demand Tools) that dedupe new imported records against existing SFDC records based on email address, which has mitigated SFDC duplicates between Leads/Leads, Leads/Contacts and Contacts/Contacts for the most part; however, their large imports continue to sync Contacts to Marketo, causing duplicates against Marketo-only records that contain the same email address and that were uploaded to Marketo prior to the SFDC-side import. Unfortunately, this process of mass importing through SFDC is critical to other departments and is not likely to change anytime soon.


                To go the SFDC + Demand Tools route, would that require that we continuously and immediately sync all new Marketo leads to SFDC so that any list imports via the SFDC-side would perform the deduplication within SFDC? My concerns with this are mainly (1) these leads would be prematurely synced since they would not have reached MQL status yet, and (2) there is potential to flood our sales reps with lots of new "leads". To counter this, would you suggest creating a new queue in SFDC to which we assign these new pre-qualified leads till they hit MQL?


                We also have an issue that some of our data inherently does not fill all necessary the fields that are marked as required to successfully sync records over to SFDC (e.g. a lead with an empty State or Country field), so those leads end up not being able to get synced over at all. For this reason, I think we'd still require a real-time deduplication solution that operates within Marketo's instance, but I'd like to explore any tools that we already have at our disposal before purchasing another add-on.


                Thank you in advance--I appreciate any help or advice, as this has been (and continues to be) a huge issue for us!


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                I agree with Josh - both RingLead and Demand Tools are excellent de-duping tools.  RingLead has a direct integration with Marketo which searches Salesforce for potential duplicates (based on characteristics other than an exact email match) before it creates a new Lead. https://www.ringlead.com/integration/marketo-integration

                For data apends, have you considered NetProspex? http://www.netprospex.com/Products/ForMarketers/Enhance.aspx
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