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    Why does it take several attempts to successfully activate a smart campaign

    Dan Stevens
      Many of our smart campaigns include smart lists that have "Clicks Link" triggers (using "link name contains" and "web page is" constraints.  I undertand that Marketo needs these pages indexed in order for us to include them as values.  We even will enter a portion of the external URL so that we can select it from the drop-down.  But we still get the squigly red line beneath the value.  If we place our cursor in the field and click the tab key, the red line will go away (temporarily).  When we attempt to activate, we're still prompted with this error:


      A couple questions:
      1.           Often, we need to go back and forth between re-entering the URL, entering the URL using alternate methods (clicking the green "plus" icon to enter it within the "multiple value chooser" window), escaping out of the field and/or clicking the "activate" button before it finally activates successfully (usually, going back and forth 3-4 times).  Have others experienced this?  Any tips to overcome this?
      2.           When we receive this error, we go back to the smart list and nothing will have a red line under it.  So how are we to know exactly what the error is?