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    Number of Page Views by URL

      I am looking to find the total number of page views throughout my site. I am just looking for the Numbers not the details of Lead or Time of Activity.

      I can do it from Google Analytics but wondering where is it in Marketo! 

      Thanks in advance.


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          You could put together an analytics report on landing page performance and then specify the pages you want to track.  It will show pages views for Marketo based landing pages.  

          If you want a view of all page views on your site, GA is a bit better at that.  

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            Michelle Tiziani
            You can look at the web activity report in analytics which does show you who is viewing your pages and the number of pages they viewed on your site and which specific pages . But if you're looking for the total number of pageviews for a specific page on your website, Google Analytics is probably the way to go. 
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              M B

              Hello, just checking, is this still not possible to see on Marketo? I wonder because the numbers are there (by lead), so how can it not also show a total number, for instance if i set up a smart list and filter by a specific page, it only shows me the numbers by lead, but not total visits.


              Was just wondering if maybe there have been an update since the last answer here is from early 2014. I have not found other articles here about this (yet). Thanks!


              Edit: I meant this for website-pages that only have the munchkin code, but are not Marketo Landing pages.